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Scientific Creationism (book)

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by Henry M. Morris
284 page paperback
High School - Adult

Scientific Creationism is the most widely used text and reference book on the scientific case for creation. Henry Morris' seminal work on the subject has been used as a supplementary text in public universities. It provides an in-depth examination of the research for creation and covers dating methods, geology, biology, and many other areas. This book presents one of the strongest defenses of biblical creationism. The comprehensive, yet easily understood, scientific material in the first seven chapters is supplemented by a final chapter which expounds the Biblical teachings on creation.


Rebuttals to Talk.Origins

The Talk.Origins Archive contains an Index to Creationist Claims in which they respond to the following claims make by Henry Morris in this book (Scientific Creationism). The following articles are rebuttals to the assertions made by Talk.Origins.