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The Genesis Record

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By Henry M. Morris
Baker Books, Grand Rapids MI. 1976.
716 page hardcover.
ISBN 0801060044

The Genesis Record is probably the best and most widely used complete modern commentary on the foundational book of the Bible. The reader is conducted by a capable guide through the important corridors of Earth's early history, providing the background so necessary in understanding all of Scripture. With its narrative-type exposition, it is easy to understand, yet has persuasive answers to all scientific difficulties and other problems, showing Genesis to be literally and historically accurate throughout. This book is a must for your library!

Dr. Morris writes from the conviction that the first eleven chapters of Genesis are as truly historical as the remaining thirty-nine. This conviction is not based simply on faith, but on many years of study of the scientific aspects of the Genesis record as well as the interchange of ideas with many other scientists and theologians (both creationists and evolutionists). Dr. Morris's logic is compelling in its affirmation of a young earth and universe; he advocates a tight chronology in his exposition. His commentary on the worldwide Noahic Flood reflects his expertise in hydrology and geology.

Original cover.

Endorsements " informative and thoroughly sound exposition of the Bible's key book...can be read with genuine interest and profit...not only details the divine miracle of creation but also throws light on baffling passages..." --John D. Jess, Director, Chapel of the Air

" of the very best commentaries...a narrative style that is most helpful to the carefully with the exegetical problems...many 'extras' from the author's fields of expertise..." --Charles C. Ryrie, Professor of Systematic Theology, Dallas Theological Seminary