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Grand Canyon: A Different View

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By Tom Vail
96 pages. 10 X 8 Hardcover
ISBN 0890513732

Grand Canyon: A Different View. See the canyon from a biblical perspective and understand how it fits into the flood of Noah. Exquisite photographs of the Grand Canyon with explanatory essays from top authorities of the canyon. A layman's guide to the geological and religious implications of the canyon. For years Colorado River guide Tom Vail told people how the Grand Canyon had formed over the evolutionary time scale of millions of years. Tom now has a different view of the Grand Canyon. Come and tour the Grand Canyon with Tom Vail as your guide. Filled with stunning photos that will take your breath away and stimulate your imagination, this book also has many facts about the Grand Canyon which are presented in a biblical framework. A beautiful gift book as well as an intellectual pleaser, this compilation is sure to be a family favorite. Includes 20 essays from leading Grand Canyon authorities who support a creationist view of the Canyon.