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Creation Research (organization)

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A Mesosaur fossil that Creation Research has found through its various projects around the globe.

Creation Research is an international organization founded and directed by John Mackay. They have teams located in Australia, New Zealand, United States of America, Canada, Hungary, and the United Kingdom. They believe that the "Gospel begins in Genesis and finishes in Revelation". A missionary from China told them that so long as they were led to spread God's message and defend his Word, they must trust that he will provide for them so long as they stay faithful to him and his work. This was over twenty years ago and they are still running strong through the help of prayer and support.

From the Creation Research website:

our aim is to reach the millions indoctrinated to believe man evolved from ape-like ancestors, therefore they reject the Bible as false, creation as myth, and Christ as irrelevant.

For more information regarding this ministries beliefs consult the Aims and Beliefs of Creation Research.

International Director

International Director of Creation Research John Mackay

John Mackay is the current International Director of the Creation Research organization. Native to Australia, he later earned his science degree at the University of Queensland. Before his work in this organization he taught science to high school students at both public and private institutions. Mackay was a key element in Creation Research's establishment. He is a renown international speaker, lecturing various age groups on controversial topics such as the subject of origins, creation, and Noah's Flood. He lectures across the world in the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, the Caribbean, New Zealand, Australia, and Asia. His research and field work is diverse as he has traveled across the globe to accommodate his studies. He has devoted over thirty years of his life to studying and researching creationism. Mackay's vast knowledge on the subject matter allowed him to debate many of the world's top evolutionists. These include, but are not limited to, people like Dr. Eugenie Scott, head of National Center for Science Education in the U.S., Harvard Professor Chris Di Carlos, Dr. John Polkinghorne, Dr. David Penny, Dr. Trevor Emmet, and Dr. Tim Astin. Mackay's great work has granted him world recognition proven by his many appearances in published articles, radio programs, television shows, various videos, public seminars, schools, universities, and churches. [1]

World Team

Creation Research has established themselves throughout the globe in order to reach a vast array of people. They have bases in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Romania, Hungary, and Germany. In each of these nations, the workers set up radio broadcasts and television programs in order to help get their message out. Each team provides something special and unique to add to the ministry as a whole. Individuals and families work to show people the truth through lectures and providing educational field trips that help to explain God's handiwork. [2]

To find a representative from Creation Research, click on this link that will bring you to a web page that will guide you to a name and contact information. [2]

Christian Education

Creation Research provides Christian-based education programs for students to learn about the world through a Biblical perspective. They provide audio CDs and DVDs that discuss many different and sometimes controversial topics explaining things through a Christian worldview. While there are several DVDs that discuss creation itself there are also others that discuss homosexuality, climate change, dinosaurs and the fossil records, Islam, and Darwin. [3] This organization is also a strong supporter of emphasizing a strong Christian education within the home. They provide a list of various materials that they encourage parents to use within their home curriculum. Not only do they have CDs, DVDs, and tapes, but they have question and answer publications, encyclopedia like publications, and text books available for purchase. This link will take you to the list of available texts. Text Books [4]

Apart from the in-class educational stand point, Creation Research also provides opportunities for students to schedule a week long field trip. There they can learn hands on about the marvelous world God has provided us with. Otherwise there are also seminars the entire family can enjoy. In these seminars they learn about subjects such as Creation, Noah's Flood, the Tower of Babel, It's a Young World after All, and the Creation of Life. While some of these topics may be challenging to many young children, the latter of these topics especially is best suited for those of high school age and above. [4]

Evidence Web

This fossil is just one of many pictured on Evidence Web.

The Evidence Web is a web museum for people to view archaeological findings like fossils and rocks through a free web site rather than going out of the way to visit a, what can be, costly museum. This site provides browsers with 3D images of various kinds of rocks and fossils that have been discovered. Not only do they allow a viewer to zoom in on images and explore each specimen individually, but the website also provides detailed information and history for each item. There are also many multimedia sections where many different photos and videos are made available, free to the public. These interesting clips cover a vast array of subject matters which only help to prove God's wonder. This site also provides information on the current research projects Creation Research is undergoing around the globe.[5]

It also provides a learning center for students, in high school especially, to purchase videos and texts teaching creation. Not only does this site provide intriguing graphics, but there is also a section to read facts involving creationism, evolutionism, and predictions about the future. [5] To learn more about men of scientific history like Charles Lyell and Charles Darwin, go to the Quote section and see first hand what these men thought through their very own words. There are also quotes on Biblical men like Moses and other people of notable esteem who provide wise words or simply words to ponder. [6] The study and research of science is an ever growing field. The section Science Report allows viewers to catch up on scientific news. There are pages and pages of reports from 'We Have Broken Speed of Light' to 'Aboriginal Ancestral Spirits' and 'Aging Bacteria'. [7]

Ministry Archives

The website contains a multitude of different resources all revolving around creationism. One of the features it presents is the ministry archives. These archives provide people with all sorts of recent ministry news from around the world. This one web page contains various links to the actual media page featuring the topic. From John Mackay's current media features, to creationism in our world today, as well as significant news in the evolution field, they are all included. This page is a good way to help people stay updated on creation news in many parts of the world. It shows information about important TV programs showing evolution vs. creation debates, new DVDs of interest, and notable magazine features. [8]


Creation Research is an organization purely funded by the answer to prayers. They trust in God to provide for them and to keep his ministry running so that others may learn of his glory. This organization runs on donations and the purchasing of products through their online store. By visiting their web shop they provide DVDs, audio recordings for MP3 players and CDs, and books for all ages. From children's books to books about astronomy and the design of the human body, this online store has a plethora of options. They even provide opportunities to purchase tours of Australia with John Mackay or flying over the magnificent sights of the Australian land. On the other hand there is also a page where people who support Creation Research's ministry and want to help keep them going can donate to their cause. [9]


Creation Research
P.O. Box 260
Capalaba Queensland 4157
Phone: 07-3206-4467
Fax: 07-3206-0001

Creation Research
P.O. Box 281
Hartsville, TN 37074
United States
Phone: 932-537-3180
Book enquires: 615-374-3693

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