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On the Seventh Day

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By John Ashton

On the Seventh Day is a strong tool for debunking arguments against the Bible from secular science.

The best-selling book, In Six Days, gave the accounts of 50 doctorate-holding scientists and why they affirm their belief in a literal six-day creation. The success of that book demanded a sequel, and it has arrived. On the Seventh Day is a collection of essays by 42 doctorate-holding scientists who have a firm belief in God and explain how their knowledge of science backs and confirms their faith.

A perfect book for the agnostic or the Christian who are not quite sure, this book will help fortify and strengthen the faith of those who read it. The men and women featured in this book pursue various academic interests, including physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, medicine, and psychology. From John R. de Laeter explorations of physics, to Werner Gitt fascinating studies of information systems, this book will reach an audience that many have considered unreachable.

  • Powerful testimonies from the team who brought In Six Days
  • Perfect for those with intellectual barriers to the gospel



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