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Remote Control: The Power of Hollywood in Today's Culture

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Remote Control book cover.jpg


By Carl Kerby
100 pages. Paperback
ISBN 0890514917

Few would dispute the fact that entertainment - or more specifically, the entertainment community - influences our society in a big way. But how many understand the thread of evolutionary philosophy through movies, television, and books?

Popular speaker Carl Kerby has researched this point for years and challenges audiences all over the country to become better informed about the agenda that permeats out entertainment choices. In Remote Control, he highlights Hollywood icons that in some way peddle a Darwinian concept:

  • Are you aware that even Gilligan, the Skipper's goofy "little buddy," discussed "caveman" ideas?
  • Did you know that campy cult classic "Creature from the Black Lagoon" promoted evolutionary concepts?
  • Is a movie thriller like "Jurassic Park" just mindless fun?
  • Do classic children's cartoons pass the evolutionary test?.