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Refuting Compromise

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By Jonathan Sarfati
220 page paperback
ISBN 0890514119

Refuting Compromise is a comprehensive and ringing refutation of the position of ‘progressive creationist’ Hugh Ross, whose views are causing massive confusion about science and the Bible. This promises to be the most powerful biblical and scientific defense of a straightforward view of Genesis creation ever written.



Well, I believe, personally, that your book, Refuting Compromise, is a classic on the same scale as The Genesis Flood. … I personally believe it'll go down in history as a turning point in the creationist ministry worldwide. I see it as that important. I see it as that definitive. … I really see it as a modern creationist classic. And I really believe that every single person needs a copy of this book to show the positive aspects, that we can defend, logically, the book of Genesis, and that God's word is authoritative right from the very beginning, and we can confront compromise, like Progressive Creationism … (AnswersLIVE, Refuting Compromise, live broadcast 27 April 2004)]
Refuting Compromise represents the best, most comprehensive, presuppositional defense of young earth creation currently available. It is well referenced with extensive footnotes and current citations—even from the 2003 International Conference on Creationism. This book is not simply a rehash of older material but includes many new arguments. Sarfati has compiled and distilled into one place a book that will be a key resource for years to come. The magnitude, quality and sophistication of some of the arguments may be overwhelming to those who are new to the creation issue. Nonetheless, this book is definitely a must-have for those who want to defend creation and refute compromise. [CRSQ 42(1):19, June 2005]
  • Andrew Cullen
I would strongly recommend that every creationist should get a copy of this book and read it, and be prepared to give it away. Jonathan Sarfati writes clearly and concisely, with a gift for explaining complex ideas in terms accessible to a lay audience, and with a clear line of argument. …
Sarfati discusses both theological and scientific issues very thoroughly, yet concisely. …
[T]his book is to be highly recommended. It is comprehensive in detail without being excessive. It covers all the major theological and scientific issues, and does so in a highly readable style. This book is an asset to any creationist library. Sarfati has set a new standard for creationist books, and I look forward in the future to seeing more volumes of such a high calibre. [Origins (British Creation Society) 41:25–26, September 2005]

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