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Mount St. Helens Creation Center

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The Mount St. Helens Creation Center is an educational facility dedicated to Biblical creation science. Now under the directorship of Paul Taylor, the facility was previously known as the 7 Wonders Museum and founded by Lloyd Anderson who provided guided tours and seminars on the importance of Mt. St. Helens to creation science groups. Paul Taylor continues this work and also travels to Churches throughout North America speaking about the truths of the Biblical creation.

The Creation Center bookstore is generally open Monday through Saturday, 9am through 5pm, and closed on Sundays. You can either drop by when visiting Mt. St. Helens, or schedule a prearranged seminar and tour by calling (360) 274-5737.

Paul Taylor of the Mount St Helens Creation Center

Mount St. Helens Creation Center
PO Box 629
Castle Rock, WA 98611

New Permanent Location:
147 Front Ave NW
Castle Rock, WA 98611
Phone: 360-274-5737

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Entrance to MSHCC, Family Fun Days, August 2015