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Lost World Museum

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The Lost World Museum is a Creationism museum in Phoenix, New York that will open in the summer of 2007.[1]

Museum promotion

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, have you ever wondered what the pre-flood world really looked like? Perfection still relatively unsullied by the toils of sin and man. Yes there were dinosaurs, but did you know that there were 12-foot kangaroos and 450-pound beavers?

Why don't we hear more about these discoveries? Spiders with 15-inch long bodies and 100-feet tall tassel ferns.

The Lost World Museum invites everyone to come and "experience the wonders of reality". Located at 75B State Street in the sleepy village of Phoenix, New York. There you will see skulls and bones and fossils of things you never knew existed. There is an 8-foot beaver's skull, a spark plug encased in stone, Noah's ark artifacts and information on Giant Humans!

All displays are helping answer the age-old question: Was it Apes, Aliens or Adam? Complete with bookstore and decorated in a 19th-century motif representing the era where science and the Bible sadly parted. Opening September 30, 2006, you are cordially invited to watch our progress on our on-line web log at

Come and see the greatest collection of evidence supporting creation as recorded by Moses in the Book of Genesis.

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