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International Society for Complexity, Information, and Design

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The International Society for Complexity, Information, and Design (ISCID) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and provides a forum for peer review and publication of ID research and theory. Its primary aim is to pursue the theoretical development, empirical application, and philosophical implications of information- and design-theoretic concepts for complex systems.

The society's peer review and publication are done day-to-day operation of the Archive, to which members and nonmembers may submit articles. Once uploaded onto the archive, each article has a commenting facility to which members may append comments. At the author's request, after three months on the archive, articles passed on by the editorial board enter the quarterly online peer-reviewed journal of the society: Progress in Complexity, Information, and Design (PCID).

International Society for Complexity, Information, and Design
66 Witherspoon Street, Suite 1800
Princeton, NJ 08542
Phone: 609-924-4424



In addition to the archive and journal, the society sponsors various activities and programs. These include:

  • Conferences and Symposia. The first of thesewas held in October 2002. The symposium investigated teleological accounts for the origin of biological information.
  • Brainstorms discussion forum. The place to get preliminary thoughts about complex systems into circulation so that they can receive critical scrutiny and be more fully developed. Of special interest are novel intuitions, speculations, hypotheses, conjectures, arguments, and data.
  • Research Bibliography. An open-source, community project to develop the most comprehensive scientific bibliography resource on complex systems, information and design theory, and teleology. Users can submit entries, make comments, and create "folders" containing relevant reference information.
  • Reading Discussion Groups. When new books come out that relate to ISCID, we will set up reading discussion groups which will feature participation by the author.
  • Annual essay contests. An undergraduate essay contest in honor of Michael Polanyi with a cash prize of $1,000 and a graduate essay contest in honor of John von Neumann with a cash prize of $2,000.
  • Summer workshops. Bright undergraduate and graduate students as well as exceptional high school juniors and seniors have the opportunity each summer to converge on Princeton, New Jersey and learn about complex systems from some of the premier researchers in the field.


  • William A. Dembski - Executive Director
  • Micah Sparacio - Managing Director
  • Jed Macosko - Chief Research Coordinator
  • Forrest M. Mims III - Program Coordinator
  • Terry Rickard - Development Officer
  • Stephanie Hoylman - Office Manager