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Evolution: Fact or Belief

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61 minutes

Evolution: Fact or Belief examines the controversy regarding the evolution theory which has been going on for many years is now reaching peak proportions.

More and more scientists are abandoning the evolution theory on the grounds that it is contrary to the basic laws of modern science. They maintain that it is a philosophy and not a science.

Scientists from around the world are interviewed to find out why they do not accept evolution as a reasonable explanation for the origin of man and the universe. This video brings to light remarkable new evidence on the recent experiments conducted at Colorado State University showing that rocks cannot be used to date fossils or the earth.

Made to high professional standards with ample use of graphics and illustrations, this video introduces the public to one of the most important disputes to confront the world of science. Sixty minutes of the most thought provoking factual material ever to cross the video screen! Guaranteed to enthrall audiences of all ages.