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Dismantling The Big Bang

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By Alex Williams and John Hartnett
334 pages paperback

Dismantling The Big Bang shows that the big-bang theory cannot explain the universe, but the Bible can, so Christian leaders no longer have reason to insert big-bang theory into Genesis. It includes within its pages:

  • Easy summaries of all the main points
  • A brief history of cosmology
  • The big bang model, including origins of stars, planets, and life
  • The biblical creation model, including the views of Moses and Jesus
  • The errors in evolutionary time scales

In modern times, the Bible has become increasingly disconnected from most Christian's understanding of the real world. Cosmology, the way we think about the universe, has come to be totally dominated by secular beliefs, such as the Big Bang. Many Christians, including prominent leaders, have therefore felt compelled to einterpret the Bible in the light of big-bang thinking.

To its credit, the Big Bang is an interesting and worthwhile scientific theory, and it is the best candidate that materialists have been able to put forward to this point to try to explain the universe without God, but it is demonstrably inadequate, to say the least. Big-bang theory cannot explain the origin of the universe or of the significant objects within it (i.e., galaxies, stars, planets, and people). Big-bang theory contains no credible or consistent naturalistic cause to explain what we see. Dismantling the Big Bang reveals these scientific and philosophical weaknesses at the core of big-bang thinking and the contradictions to which they lead. Written on a level that laypeople can understand, it comparatively shows the intellectual superiority of the history of the universe given in the Bible as a basis for our thinking about the cosmos. We need to rediscover how to think about the universe in the only way that makes sense from God perspective, in the light of the history given in His Word.



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