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Associates for Biblical Research

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Name::The Associates for Biblical Research
Address::PO Box 144
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Phone: Phone::1-800-430-0008

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Mission and Philosophy

The main goals behind the ministry of Associates for Biblical Research are to provide information to not only the Christian community, but secular researchers as well in regards to Biblical archaeology and the issues related to creation and evolution. This information is retrieved by studies through archaeology in order to demonstrate the historical truth of the Bible, to clarify apparent misconceptions related to the findings of archaeology and science, to reinforce understanding of the Biblical word, to educate the Body of Christ by encouraging a deeper knowledge and stronger faith in the Bible through accurate interpretation of the findings from ABR's studies, to make the evident proof behind the Bible relevant to daily lives, and finally, to proliferate the Christian faith by encouraging faith in Jesus Christ, our Savior. [1][2]

The Associates for Biblical Research is one of the largest Christian archaeology organizations in the world. Part of the philosophy behind this ministry is the importance of accuracy behind Biblical translation. The earliest versions of the text of the Bible are key to discovering definite truths behind these translations. As years moved on, the Biblical text could have been lost in translation, so the Associates for Biblical Research makes determining what translations are earliest essential for legitimacy. [3]


Associates for Biblical Research was founded in 1969 in Philadelphia. It was established by a man named David Livingston, who became the director in charge of all things related to this ministry. It was organized by himself, Rev. Jack Levin, Rev. Walter Kenyon, David Livingston Sr., Richard Harris, Jack Scott, and Everette Meeker. By July of 1970 the first Associates for Biblical Research Newsletter was published. In this first issue, Dr. David Livingston declared that this new organization would be a non-profit organization dedicated to proving the accuracy of Biblical Scripture. He listed six main goals that this ministry would strive to achieve: Investigate positions which seem to contradict the Bible, publish results in technical and lay magazines, use archaeology, science, and Bible to present the Gospel to unbelievers, teach seminars in churches and schools, at home and abroad, seek out and help selected young students in study programs, and conduct archaeological digs and study tours in the Near East. Dr. Livingston had one basis for doctrine in his own words, "The Bible alone, and the Bible in its entirety is the Word of God written, and therefore inerrant in the autographs." At the time he was an Assistant Pastor at the Huntingdon Valley Church, but in 1970 he stepped down to commit all focus to his organization.

By the end of 1970, the ministry had departed on their first tour to Israel. During this tour, they also traveled through Rome and Greece. At this time, the newsletter was being mass produced and being given out free of charge. Many of the readers and followers began to give financial support. The very next year was the second trip, again to Israel. In 1972, Dr. David Livingston resigned as director of the Associates for Biblical Research. Two years later, he decided to step back in after the current director, Dr. Jim Reid, passed away. In 1975, Israel, Rome, and Greece were visited again by the organization. In 1977, the ministry toured to Israel, Egypt, Jordan and Rome. Later that year, the organization presented itself and spoke at the Philadelphia Creation-Science Convention.

In 1979, the organization planned its first dig. They had finally received their digging permit and put it right to use. From July 14th to August 14th, they dug looking for a lost city called Ai. With 32 helping hands from America and Australia they began to dig in Israel. On November 10th, 1979, the associates held a banquet for celebration with nearly 300 guests. Early 1980, Dr. David Livingston had begun co-hosting speeches with Don Rogers for his Cults and the Occult ministry. Later that year digs took place at both Jericho and St. Andrews Church in Jerusalem.

In 1981, Dr. David Livingston and Don Rogers had been given the opportunity to teach in different locations in Europe. Greater European Mission had contacted them and requested that they teach in Bible schools and seminaries. That spring, they taught for about a month in Sweden, Germany, and France.

In 1982, Associates for Biblical Research decided that it would be a good decision to charge membership ten dollars per year. The newsletters were also now a way to gain financial support. They officially cost three dollars per copy. In 1983, David Livingston and Don Rogers returned to the Greater European Mission to teach in Europe once again.

In 1984, the organization had one of their most successful digs in prior history. They dug at Kh. Nisya and discovered large mikveh and a large olive pressing cave. Shortly after, in 1985, the organization had once again a very successful dig. A large amount of Canaanite pottery was discovered. Later that year, Rev. Gene Fackler focuses a radio show called "The Stones Cry Out" on Associates for Biblical Research and all their studies.

In 1992, A dig takes place with a bulldozer in Israel. In May of 1993, David Livingston was on CBS representing Associates for Biblical Research. In 1994, Dr. David Livingston officially stepped down as director of the organization after twenty five years, largely due to his worsening Parkinsons disease.[4]


BIBLE and SPADE Magazine

The BIBLE and SPADE Magazine is a journal published by the Associates for Biblical Research four times a year. The first issue was published in 1972. The contributing editors for this magazine are Bryant G. Wood, Stephen Caesar, Gary Byers, Gene Fackler, Gordon Franz, Rick Lanser, Scott Lanser, Brian Janeway, and Henry B. Smith.[5]

This quarterly journal has a viewpoint that is written in a scholarly and conservative way. It approaches arguments with evidences supported by the Associates for Biblical Research.[6]

Associates for Biblical Research Newsletter

The Associates for Biblical Research Newsletter is published every month by the organization. It is free of charge and displays current news about Biblical archaeology, as well as articles relating to creation/evolution issues, book reviews, internet resources of interest, and current Associates for Biblical Research activities.[7]

Stones Cry Out

Stones Cry Out is a radio program established by Associates for Biblical Research. It is a fifteen minute broadcast that airs weekly. It is a presentation that displays the evidences of the Bible through archaeology and science. Dr. Clifford Wilson speaks for this broadcast which can be heard on over two hundred stations in America.[8]