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Synovial joint

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A Synovial joint is the most movable type of joint in the skeletal system and found in the shoulders, wrists, fingers, hips, etc. The bones are covered by fibrous connective tissue and is lubricated with synovial fuid contained within a joint capsule.


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Synovial Joints are composed a variety of structures that are more complex than other types of joints. They contribute to significant roles in the body. There are main parts of a Synovial Joint such as Bursa, Articular (hyaline) cartilage, synovial fluid, and Aritcular capsule. The first part of a synovial Joint is to contain small fluid with synovial membrane. It can be found with synovial fluid and it is one of part of significant joints of the body. The next part of synovial joint, Articular (hyaline) cartilage, is a smooth tissue that are surrounded in ends of bones. It is composed of water with collagen and glycoprotein. Moreover, it contributes to move bones inside a joint without damage . [1] It includes joints of knee, elbow, and rib cage in the human body. Articular capsule is a joint capsule that covers a synovial joint. It is composed of outer layer and inner layer. The fibrous capsule is an outer layer that contributes to help bones in the joint. The synovial membrane is a inner layer that produces synovial fluid.
  • Synovial cavity
  • Articular capsule
  • Articular cartilage
  • Articular discs
  • Tendons
  • Enthesis
  • Accessory ligaments


The main reasons of synovial joint allow to allow moveent joints in the body. It allows The bones should flexible connective tissue than other parts for activating movement of body. Furthermore, a synovial joint contributes to decrease friction or fragile joint, and protect stopping of movement bone. It is able to move to the articulating bones. [2]


The function of a synovial joint contributes to the stability of the body. The movement is the basic thing that can bring positive or negative influences to people. Therefore, it should be controlled by a synovial joint. There are three significance things that show the stability.[3]

  • muscles

The muscle is the most important thing to consist of maintaining the stability. To protect knee and shoulder.


  • Ligaments

Ligaments contribute to protect from the accidental stresses, over movement, and shocking. [5]

  • Bones

Bones allow for maintaining the stability in the body. There are many joints that can connect with bone. [6]


There are the six major types of Synovial that show movement of the human body. They contribute to help appropriate movement in the body. The movement of joint is basic thing in the body. Furthermore, the body movement contributes to communicate with people. It also expresses a variety of emotions, and ideas. Therefore, the movement is the significant part of our body. The six major types of Synovial joints show for range of emotion in the body. Forexample, there are Ball and Socket Joint, Hinge Joint, Saddle Joint, Plane(Gliding) Joint, Pivot Joint, and Ellipsoid Joint found in the human body.

  • Ball and Socket Joint

The Ball and Socket Joint contributes to move for motion in all directions. It is related to free of rotation and back and forth movement in the body. Furthermore, it provides for the highest range of motion. The shoulder and the hip can be appropriate examples of the Ball and Socket Joint. It is the most flexible movement of joints. [7]

  • Hinge Joint

The Hinge Joint acts for movement in one plane and does not allow a wide range of motion. The elbow and the knees can be example of the Hinge Joint. [8]

  • Saddle Joint

The Saddle Joint is made by two saddle-shape bones. Although saddle joint moves a wide range of motion than the hinge joint, it does not cause rotation. The joint of the thumb is able to be great example of the saddle joint. [9]

  • Plane(Gliding) Joint

Plane(Gliding) Joint is composed of two flat surfaces that can move a various of directions. Even though it is a little movement, it is able to can rotate as well. The example of Plane (Gliding) joint is that joins the clavicle to the scapula. [10]

  • Pivot Joint

The Pivot Joint contributes to allow only for rotational motion. The example of the Pivot joint is that helps to rotate movement of head. [11]

  • Ellipsoid Joint

The Ellipsoid Joint is close to ball and socket joints. It helps to make the range of movement similar to a saddle joint. The wrist is a good example of the ellipsoid joint. [12]





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