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Stone age

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Stone Age is time frame of prehistoric artifacts. Using many resources, the time frame of human evolution development and thought processes divides into Stone, Bronze, and Iron ages. Danish archaeologist Christian Thomsen presented his research with the theory that divide this time period into three stages. [1] Stone Age is the first stage of the human development culture. Humans used stone as a tool to survive. There are three main stages: Paleolithic, Mesolithic, and Neolithic.[2]


Stone Age village at south west of Roskilde.

Paleolithic Period

  • Lower Paleolithic Period 2,000,000 - 80,000 B.C.
  • Middle Paleolithic Period 80,000 - 30,000 B.C.
  • Upper Paleolithic Period 30,000 - 10,000 B.C.

Paleolithic Period begins 2 million years ago. However it ended between 40,000 and 10,000 years ago. The different continents or areas had different time range. Some areas ended early and some areas ended later. Paleolithic Period is the time seems to be beginning of Homo sapiens. Homo sapiens is the beginning of the actual human creature after the ape-like creature started to develop by science evolutionists.[3] The development of the human creature started to use tools to eat and survive. The beginning of the intelligence of human started through Paleolithic Period.[4] Paleolithic Period also demonstrated the implements of the stone in our history of mankind.[5]

Mesolithic Period

  • Mesolithic Period 10,000 B.C - 8,000 B.C

The Mesolithic Period began survival of mankind. People started the hunting for food. Also the people stopped being nomadic and settled in one place to live there forever. The locations of the settlement were close to rivers, lakes and mountains in order to hunt and fish. European countries and African countries are primary countries that possess a lot of historical tools. Also the culture of the Mesolithic Period changed over the years. The people had different method of drawings and hunting. The tools for food changed from pointy rocks to hafted axes.[6] The rock and clay used in Paleolithic Period. However the dating of the Mesolithic Period is questionable. The evolutionist has a theory of the dating back to 8,000 B.C. The assumption of dating of the culture on not fully correct dating techniques.[5]

Neolithic Period

  • Neolithic Period 8,000 B.C - 3,000 B.C

The Neolithic Period is the last part of the Stone Age. The development of the human industry is very significant. The usage of the stone and metal started to emerge. During Neolithic Period, the domestication of plants is one of accomplishments used for survival.[7] The early pottery development, farming, building town structures began in this era. Since then, people looked to settle more and people did not feel like moving anywhere. The environments and tools greatly changed the attitudes of early humans.[5] The fossils and tools were usually found in Middle East. The development of agriculture and implements took place. Also the evolutionists called this era or period, New Stone Age.[8]


The theory that evolutionists used to demonstrate Stone Age Era. It was called is the beginning of human progress. About 600,000 or 700,000 years ago, early human started to emerge according to evolution scientist's theory. The development of human progressed in Stone Age. Thinking and reacting of human started in Stone Age. The only goal of human during Stone Age was to survive. People did anything to survive from the severe weathers and conditions in the area. The living environment was the main survival for the humans.[4]

The methods used for these survival changed over the years during this point of time. People started to live temporally settle in places. Nomadic people started to figure out the nature. Also they used the nature. Farming is a main development of the human survival. Besides hunting, the farming helped to feed people.[9] Also the humans were called meat eaters in stone age, but scientists found evidences human ate some plants as well. The evidences found by researchers were the equipment that humans used to grind the plants.[10]

life Style

Stone Age tools founded in Southern Africa.


The stone knives were very critical for the survival of humans. About 200,000 years ago, humans started to use stone knives. At Lower strata, the stone knives have been found. In Kenyan rock layers, evolutionists told people it is actually 500,000 years old, but after the discovery from Lower Strata, the theory of evolution scientists is not correct by 92 percent. This ruled out the existence of the ape-like human. The bible clearly states that there is distinction between humans and apes. In 2,200 B.C., the stone knives are assumed to be created in than certain time period of Stone Age. [11]


Recent studies found the human who lives during Stone Age. The tomb was found in Paris, France. The human they found was missing an arm. The scientist was curious about the missing arm. After scientists looked at the arm closer, they found out it was removed from surgery. Theatrically, human lived few more years after the surgery of an arm. The surgery was really clean and amazing. People did not think Stone Age human would possess such skill. This is the evidence of creation that Adam was complete human. The apes are not human kind. People who lived during Stone Age had a similar and equivalent thought processes and skills like people who lives in today. The beginning of human was not the apes. It was fully human.[12]


The meaning of language during Stone Age was uncertain. The researchers have tried to find everything they can about it. One of the languages they found was in a cave. The cave had drawings of animal and plants. Many people are still trying to figure out the meaning of what ancient human wrote. We can guess that humans could identify the written symbol. From scripture in the Bible, it states Adam was able to read and write. Also people who wrote in the cave were same human as us. From this record of cave and portion of Genesis, researchers can now infer ice age was not 10,000 to 2,500,000 years ago, but it is actually about 3,400 to 4,400 years ago.[13]


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