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Anomalously Occurring Fossils

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by John Woodmorappe

Creation Research Society Quarterly Volume 18(4), March 1982

This table is a compilation of over 200 published instances of anomalously occurring fossils. At left is the kind of fossil(s) involved followed by the accepted age of occurrence, the instance of anomalous occurrence, its locality, and the reference. Instances were tabulated as separate entries when they involved: 1) different fossils (usually), 2) different "proper" ages, 3) different anomalous ages, or 4) different geographical locations (different nations, provinces, sedimentary basins, etc.) The instances entered under references 70, 73, 77, 78, 88, 100, and 150 are subaqueous occurrences (deep marine) offshore marine, or lacustrine): most others involve sedimentary lithologies on land. References 70, 17, 72, 82, 84, 89, 96, 147, 148, 153, and 160 are "downwash," "infiltration," or supposed "contamination." Most other entries are "reworking" of fossils into younger-age beds. A few of the entries in this table are claimed by the cited authors to be possible stratigraphic-range extensions rather than necessarily "reworking". This table does not include fossils of clearly secondary position (such as fossils within constituents of conglomerates and the very many instances of Phanerozoic fossils in Pleistocene glacial till). [1]

Type of fossil Proper age Found in Location Reference
Foraminifers Pleistocene Tertiary Atlantic Ocean 70
Pollen Tertiary Quaternary Boikow, Poland 146
Pollen Tertiary Cretaceous East Netherlands 147
Mammal bones Tertiary (late) Tertiary (early) Kazakhstan, USSR 148
Algae (?) Tertiary Cretaceous France 71
Foraminifers Tertiary Cretaceous Nigeria 72
Nannoplankton Tertiary (lower) Tertiary (higher) Tabcla, Syria 164
Spores Tertiary (recent) Permian Southland, New Zealand 165
Spores Tertiary Pleistocene North Caspia, USSR 166
Foraminifers Tertiary Cretaceous North Italy 167
Pollen Tertiary Pleistocene Yenisei, USSR 168
Palm wood Tertiary Jurassic Utah, USA 169
Foraminifers Tertiary (early) Tertiary (medial) Trinidad, West Indies 206
Foraminifers Tertiary (early) Tertiary (medial) Victoria, Australia 207
Foraminifers Tertiary (early) Tertiary (medial) Hungary 208
Nannoplankton Tertiary (early) Tertiary (medial) Romania 209
Spores Tertiary (early) Jurassic Louisiana-Texas, USA 210
Mammal bones Tertiary (early) Tertiary (medial) Northeast Siberia, USSR  ?
Foraminifers Cretaceous Tertiary Ionian Sea 212
Foraminifers Cretaceous Tertiary West Israel 213
Coccoliths Cretaceous Tertiary Crimea, USSR 214
Spores Cretaceous Tertiary Kazan, USSR 215
Pollen Cretaceous Tertiary British Columbia, Canada 216
Pollen Cretaceous Tertiary Arctic Canada 216
Pollen Cretaceous Tertiary Fushun, China 216
Pollen Cretaceous Tertiary Shandong, China 216
Pollen Cretaceous Tertiary South Coastal China 216
Pollen Cretaceous Tertiary Spitsbergen, Norway 217
Pollen Cretaceous Tertiary Ural Mts., USSR 217
Pollen Cretaceous Tertiary West Siberia, USSR 217
Dinoflagellate Cretaceous Tertiary Australia 170
Nannoplankton Cretaceous Tertiary Glogow, Poland 171
Foraminifers Cretaceous Tertiary Alabama, USA 172
Nannoflora Cretaceous Tertiary Zinda Pir, W. Pakistan 173
Pollen Cretaceous Pleistocene Yenisei, USSR 168
Nannoflora Cretaceous Tertiary Tang-E-Bijar, Iran 174
Foraminifers Cretaceous Jurassic Scania, Sweden 175
Pollen Cretaceous Cambrian Holy Cross Mts., Poland 176
Nannoplankton Cretaceous Tertiary Ukraine, USSR 177
Pollen Cretaceous Tertiary Utah, USA 149
Spores Cretaceous Pleistocene Newfoundland, Canada ISO
Spores Cretaceous Tertiary Newfoundland, Canada ISO
Pollen Cretaceous Tertiary West Germany 151
Spores Cretaceous Tertiary Czechoslovakia 152
Foraminifers Cretaceous Quaternary Adelie Coast, Antarctica 73
Foraminifers Cretaceous Tertiary Austria 74
Foraminifers Cretaceous Tertiary Sweden 75
Nannoplankton Cretaceous Tertiary Alps/Carpathians, Europe 76
Nannofossils Cretaceous Tertiary West-southwest Pacific 77
Foraminifers Cretaceous Pleistocene Louisiana, USA 78
Pollen Cretaceous Tertiary Venezuela 79
Pollen Cretaceous Tertiary Wyoming 79
Foraminifers Cretaceous Tertiary California, USA 80
Foraminifers Cretaceous Pleistocene Netherlands 81
Foraminifers Cretaceous Pleistocene Utah, USA 81
Foraminifers Cretaceous Tertiary England 75
Pollen Jurassic Permian Sariz, Antalya, Turkey 82
Spores Jurassic Tertiary Isle of Mull, Scotland 83
Spores Jurassic Precambrian Ukraine, USSR 84
Coccoliths Jurassic Silurian North Africa 153
Pollen Jurassic Tertiary Utah, USA 149
Spores Jurassic Cretaceous Newfoundland, Canada ISO
Pollen Jurassic Tertiary Newfoundland, Canada ISO
Dinoflagellate Jurassic Cretaceous California, USA 154
Dinoflagellate Jurassic Tertiary California, USA 154
Spores Jurassic Cretaceous Perth Basin, Australia 89
Spores Jurassic Triassic Northeast Siberia, USSR 218
Pollen Jurassic Pleistocene Yenisei, USSR 168
Spores "Mesozoic" Pleistocene North Caspia, USSR 166
Spores Jurassic Permian Northeast Siberia, USSR 218
Spores Jurassic Cambrian Northeast Siberia, USSR 218
Spores Triassic Cretaceous British Columbia, Canada 237
Spores Triassic (and/or older) Jurassic Yukon, Canada 178
Spores Triassic Cretaceous Alberta, Canada 219 219
Ostracodes Triassic Tertiary Hungary 85
Spores Triassic Jurassic Andoya, Norway 86
Conodonts Triassic Cretaceous Cameroon 87
Conodonts Triassic Jurassic Japan 87
Spores Triassic Tertiary Kutch, India 155
Pollen Triassic Tertiary Newfoundland, Canada ISO
Pollen Triassic Tertiary Utah, USA 149
Spores Triassic Cretaceous Perth Basin, Australia 89
Pollen "Mesozoic" Tertiary Atlantic Ocean 88
Spores "Mesozoic" Tertiary Hungary 83
Brachiopods Permian Triassic Salt Range, Pakistan 142
Conodonts Permian Triassic Salt Range, Pakistan 142
Pollen Permian Triassic Utah, USA 149
Spores Permian Cretaceous Kutch, India 156
Conodonts Permian Triassic Akasaka, Japan 157
Spores Permian Tertiary Kerala, India 155
Spores Permian Tertiary Kutch, India 155
Spores Permian Cretaceous Madhya Pradesh, India 155
Pollen Permian Tertiary Nagaland, India 158
Spores Permian Cretaceous Alberta, Canada 219
Spores Permian Cretaceous British Columbia, Canada 238
Fusulinids Permian Triassic Mine, Japan 180
Pollen Permian Triassic Southeast Siberia, USSR 220
Pollen Permian Tertiary Assam, India 158
Pollen Permian Tertiary Maghalaya, India 159
Spores Permian Triassic Somerset, England 19
Pollen Permian Jurassic Kutch, India 91
Pollen Permian Tertiary South Australia 91
Pollen Permian Cretaceous Victoria, Australia 91
Ammonoids Permian Triassic KapStosch, Greenland 92
Spores Permian Tertiary Hungary 83
Spores Permian Cretaceous Perth Basin, Australia 89
Spores Permian Devonian Canning Basin, Australia 89
Spores Carboniferous Jurassic Poland 93
Spores Carboniferous Jurassic Sweden 93
Spores Carboniferous Jurassic England 93
Spores Carboniferous Jurassic Scotland 93
Spores Carboniferous Jurassic Latvia, USSR 93
Spores Carboniferous Jurassic Denmark 93
Spores Carboniferous Jurassic Baltic Russia 93
Spores Carboniferous Tertiary Arkansas, USA 93
Spores Carboniferous Cretaceous Perth Basin, Australia 89
Fusulinids Carboniferous Pleistocene Pleistocene Utah, USA 89
Pollen Carboniferous Triassic Devon, England 95
Spores Carboniferous Precambrian Onega, USSR 96
Spores Carboniferous Cretaceous Linlburg, Netherlands 91
Spores Carboniferous Cretaceous Krakow, Poland 97
Pollen Carboniferous Tertiary Hungary 84
Pollen Carboniferous Tertiary Alabama, USA 84
Pollen Carboniferous Triassic Donets Basin, USSR 84
Pollen Carboniferous Jurassic Donets Basin, USSR 84
Spores Carboniferous Jurassic Germany 93
Spores Carboniferous Permian Pakistan 93
Acritarchs Carboniferous Tertiary Newfoundland, Canada 150
Pollen Carboniferous Devonian Missouri-Iowa, USA 160
Pollen Carboniferous Cretaceous Montana, USA 221
Pollen Carboniferous Tertiary Montana, USA 221
Conodonts Carboniferous Devonian Craz/Styria, Austria 222
Pollen Carboniferous Triassic Southeast Siberia, USSR 220
Spores Carboniferous Cretaceous Alberta, Canada 219
Conodonts Carboniferous (lower) Carboniferous (medial) New Mexico, USA 223
Spores Carboniferous Cretaceous British Columbia, Canada 238
Spores Carboniferous Permian Devonshire, England 179
Spores Carboniferous Triassic Devonshire, England 179
Fusulinids Carboniferous Triassic Mine, Japan 180
Spores Carboniferous Pleistocene Ohio, USA 181
Spores Carboniferous Permian Yukon, Canada 182
Brachiopods Carboniferous Permian Yukon, Canada 182
Pollen Carboniferous Permian Caucasia, USSR 183
Trilobite "Late Paleozoic" Tertiary Utah, USA 184
Spores Carboniferous Jurassic West Arctic Islands, Canada 185
Conodonts Devonian Carboniferous Missouri, USA 186
Spores Devonian Carboniferous Canning Basin, Australia 179
Spores Devonian Permian East West Australia 179
Crinoids Devonian Carboniferous Pamir Mts., USSR 187
Conodonts Devonian Silurian Texas, USA 188
Algal Cysts Devonian Cretaceous Northeastern Brazil 189
Pollen Devonian Permian Caucasia, USSR 183
Spores Devonian Carboniferous Yukon, Canada 182
Spores Devonian Permian Yukon, Canada 182
Spores Devonian Pleistocene Ohio, USA 181
Spores Devonian Jurassic West Arctic Islands, Canada 185
Spores Devonian Cretaceous British Columbia, Canada 238
Spores Devonian (medial) Devonian (upper) Belorussia, USSR 224
Conodonts Devonian Carboniferous Kansas, USA 225
Conodonts Devonian Carboniferous New Mexico, USA 223
Conodonts Devonian Carboniferous Graz/Styria, Austria 222
Conodonts Devonian Tertiary Graz/Styria, Austria 222
Conodonts Devonian Pleistocene Graz/Styria, Austria 222
Brachiopods Devonian (lower) Devonian (medial) California, USA 226
Conodonts Devonian Carboniferous Kazakhstan, USSR 227
Conodonts Devonian Silurian Arkansas, USA 228
Chitinozoans Devonian Jurassic East Bhutan 229
Conodonts Devonian Carboniferous Nevada, USA 161
Foraminifers Devonian Carboniferous Nevada, USA 161
Spores Devonian Carboniferous Bolivia 143
Conodonts Devonian Carboniferous Devonshire, England 162
Acritarchs Devonian (and/or older) Carboniferous Newfoundland, Canada ISO
Spores Devonian Triassic Devon, England 95
Conodonts Devonian Triassic Kockatea, Australia 89
Spores Devonian Cretaceous Otorowiri, Australia 89
Thelodont Devonian Permian Canning Basin, Australia 89
Acanthodian Fish Scales /Spores Devonian Cretaceous Permian Basin, Australia 89
Pollen Devonian Carboniferous Oklahoma, USA 145
Spores Devonian Carboniferous Belgium 98
Conodonts Devonian Permian Texas, USA 99
Algal Cysts Devonian Quaternary Lake Michigan, USA 100
Conodonts Devonian Carboniferous Texas, USA 101
Conodonts Devonian Carboniferous Oklahoma, USA 102
Acritarchs Silurian (and/or older) Devonian Witney, England 163
Acritarchs Silurian Devonian Belgium 98
Conodonts Silurian Carboniferous Oklahoma, USA 102
Pollen "Paleozoic" Precambrian Krivyi Rog, USSR 84
Pollen "Paleozoic" Tertiary Atlantic Ocean 88
Spores "Paleozoic" Tertiary Bolivia 143
Spores "Paleozoic" Pleistocene North Caspia, USSR 166
Spores Silurian Ordovician Ohio, USA 230
Chitinozoans Silurian Jurassic East Bhutan 229
Plant tissue Silurian (and/or younger) Ordovician Oklahoma, USA 190
Acritarchs Silurian Carboniferous Ballyvergin, Ireland 191
Crinoids Silurian Carboniferous Pamir Mts., USSR 187
Algal Cysts Silurian Cretaceous Northeast Brazil 189
Conodonts Silurian Devonian Texas, USA 188
Spores Silurian(?) Devonian Belorussia, USSR 224
Chitinozoans Silurian Cretaceous Alaska, USA 231
Conodonts Ordovician Silurian Ontario, Canada 192
Conodonts Ordovician Devonian Minnesota, USA 193
Acritarchs Ordovician Tertiary Lough Neagh, Ireland 194
Conodonts Ordovician Silurian Missouri, USA 195
Conodonts Ordovician Silurian Carnic Alps, Italy 196
Conodonts Ordovician Silurian Quebec, Canada 196
Conodonts Ordovician Silurian Central Texas, USA 188
Diacrodians Ordovician Precambrian Saxony, East Germany 197
Conodonts Ordovician Silurian Illinois, USA 198
Conodonts Ordovician Silurian Illinois, Indiana, USA 199
Acritarchs Ordovician Carboniferous Ballyvergin, Ireland 191
Acritarchs Ordovician Silurian Ohio, USA 200
Acritarchs Ordovician Silurian New York, USA 200
Conodonts Ordovician Silurian Central Siberia, USSR 232
Conodonts Ordovician Silurian Southeast Indiana, USA 233
Conodonts Ordovician (lower) Ordovician (medial) West Texas, US 234
Graptolites / Conodonts Ordovician Devonian Missouri, USA 103
Acritarchs Ordovician Silurian Belgium 98
Acritarchs Ordovician Devonian Netherlands-Belgium 98
Conodonts Ordovician Carboniferous Oklahoma, USA 102
Spores Ordovician Carboniferous Oklahoma, USA 94
Spores Ordovician Carboniferous Oklahoma, USA 94
Conodonts Ordovician Cretaceous Colorado, USA 104
Acritarchs "Lower Paleozoic" Triassic Devonshire, England 95
Archeocyathids Cambrian Permian Dwyka, South Africa 105
Trilobites Cambrian (lower) Cambrian (medial) Bornholm, Denmark 202
Acritarchs Cambrian Silurian Comeragh, Ireland 191
Acritarchs Cambrian Carboniferous Ballyvergin, Ireland 191
Trilobites Cambrian Devonian Bielsko-Mogilany, Poland 203
Acritarchs Cambrian Ordovician Shropshire, England 204
Algae Precambrian Cambrian or Ordovician Verkhoyansk, USSR 205
Spores Precambrian Devonian Saratov, USSR 235

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