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Scientific Classification

Sequoia sempervirens

Sequoia is a genus of conifers, which contain one species (Sequoia sempervirens) and belongs to the cypress Family Cupressaceae. The Coast Redwood is the Common name of the Sequoia, and most of them are living in California. The tallest tree in the world is the Red wood, which can live 2,200 years and reach heights of 300-350 feet (~115.5m).

The subfamily to which the Sequoia belongs is Sequoioideae which contain two other genera, one of them is Sequoiadendron which is also known as Giant sequoia and the other one is Metasequoia which is also known as Dawn Redwood.[1]


The distinctive thick bark of the Coast Redwood

The Sequoia has branches which are a shaped like a cylinder and their bark measures to 12 inches thick and very smooth.[2] Their bark color is a bright red-brown.[3] The Sequoia's roots do not grow deeper but they spread out which is like lateral roots. Their leaves can grow 15-25mm long, and their leaves also seem like a whirlpool. The Sequoia have cones which is egg-shaped and it can be grow 15-32mm long. During winter they absorb water about 8-9 months. The cone has 3-7 seeds and they can come out when cones dry out. One of the cone, pollen cones are 4-6mm long and it also is egg-shaped.[4]


The coast Redwood can e reproduced by sexually and asexually. The percentage of viability of the tree's seed is only 15%, it is very low percentage. But those low viability is helpful to protect seeds by seed predators. Seeds also divide many types and one of them is the winged seed which is very small, it is measured 3.5mg lighter so they moved by wind. The Sequoia can grow very fast because the activities of seedlings are very active. [5] This is the asexually way that coast rdewood sprout from the crown, and fallen branches, for these reason they can grow straightly. Normally, sprouts start at the ground and barks are under the ground. They start to grow after their stem got damaged, and they help root to grow more.[6]


Sequoia Cone and Bark

The common name of the Sequoia, Coast Redwoods, are living along the Pacific Coast, it's distance is about 470miles. They need many times of rainfall for living in the mountains. In the deep valley, there are fogs and we can see tallest and oldest trees at there. Salt spray, sand, and wind help few Redwoods to live near by ocean. In North of the California-Oregon, there are amount of 2,500mm rains and this area can keep air and fog so many tallest trees crowd and they become as a house of mammals, and birds.[7]

Cultivation and Uses

In California Coast Redwood is used for timber and lumber those indicate beauty, and those aren't heavy, so they are produced as table tops, and vaneers. The Coast Redwoods are distributed in many countries such as New Zealand , Great Britain, Italy, Portugal, Queen Charlotte Island, Hawaii, Mexico, and Unite States.[8] In the past, people used Redwood to tie railroad but now they are used for borders and steps.[9]



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