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Todd Elder

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Todd Elder

Todd Elder is a young earth creationist who is working in the field of baraminology. He is the owner of the Exploring Creation website, coordinator of the Creation Science League, and founder of the Encouraging Life Children’s Mission. He received a Bachelor of Science Degree from Kent State University, Ohio for a Conservation Major and a Geography Minor.

Exploring Creation Website

The Exploring Creation website seeks to answer the great questions of life from a creationist viewpoint. It also hopes to help people build a closer relationship with the Creator and, thus, live life to the fullest.


The Elder's Model of Creation book series explores the scriptural, scientific, and social aspects of Creationism. The textbooks and workbooks are designed for helping young adults and believers understand life from a creationist perspective and encourage a relationship with the Creator.

Creationist Notebook - Exploring Creationism in Scripture, Science, and Society The 'Creationist Notebook' is designed as a reference guide and notebook to aid in the personal study of Creationism. It contains an outline of many topics which support scientific creationism including the scriptural basis for Creationism, the scientific evidence for a young Earth, and the worldviews formed by Creationism and Evolutionism. It also contains lists of books, DVDs, and websites which act as recommended resources and materials for continued learning about individual topics and creation in general.

Created Kinds - Exploring the Basis for Baraminology As the second volume in the Elder's Model of Creation series, "Created Kinds" explores one of the core concepts of life. Who is the Creator? How is man different than the plants and animals? How can the amazing variety of animals we see today be explained through the concepts of Creationism and Baraminology? These questions are examined by looking at Scripture with an emphasis on the original Hebrew wording to clarify the basic concepts surrounding created kinds. As these questions are answered, the value and significance of life becomes clearer, encouraging a person to build a closer relationship with Our Creator.

Encouraging Life - Exploring Mankind's Relationship with the Creator As the first volume in the Elder’s Model of Creation series, “Encouraging Life” gives an introduction to a wide range of concepts from the scriptural, scientific, and social aspects of Creationism. These concepts are woven together to present a deeper understanding of the creation, the Creator, the covenant relationship, salvation in the Messiah, and the battle with evil. This understanding demonstrates that building a close relationship with the Creator and learning His attributes of love, righteousness, blessing, and peace are the strongest possible way to encourage life.

Todd Elder
153 Rainbow Dr. #5358
Livingston TX 77399

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