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Talk:Speed of light

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Hi, I was just wondering if you would mind adding "is held to be" to that statement you put in this page when it says "the speed of light IS constant". Since science doesn't deal with absolute fact, and, although controversial, there is some alternate ideas to the constancy of the speed of light. So I'm just asking if it's possible to change that statement to "the speed of light is held to be constant". Or you can used "believed" or "accepted" or anything that shows at least another point of view.

Thanks for your time, Amenyahu

Much appreciated. Amenyahu

No Problem - Harris

Distance of sn1987a


I do not think that we can calculate the distance of sn1987a accurately based on the time taken for it to illuminate the LMC. It depends very much on the location of the LMC relative to the SN. The value of 4144 light years at my website is just an approximation if the SN and the LMC is equidistant.

Incomplete sentence

It shows that the standard method for calculating the distance to near by galaxies

This sentence is incomplete. What is the missing information?

Oelphick 00:54, 26 August 2006 (CDT)

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