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Patrick Briney

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Dr. Patrick Briney has Ph.D. in microbiology. He was indoctrinated with evolution throughout school and therefore an evolutionist and an athiest throughout his life. During his third year in college he abandoned his evolution position as a result of personal research of scientific literature dealing with the issues of creation and evolution. He saw that the Bible was right and that creation science offered a cohesive model of everything that exists, consistency with scientific laws, and a wide open field for pioneering investigators.

Patrick Briney is now a creation minister and speaker who has presented seminars on creation and evolution for over twenty years. He is a volunteer science teacher and the chairman for the science department of the Fayetteville Christian Schools. He gained experience in communicating and addressing contemporary issues by hosting a live, talk radio program called Opinion Line, and produced two weekly programs Smart Choices and Personal Testimonies. Dr. Briney also fields questions from around the world via the internet as the On-line Bible Answer Man.